Beer at Chuck E. Cheese?

The other day my wife and I took the whole family to Chuck E. Cheese.  My son is at that age where the place is amazing, and my daughter just loves the bright lights.  We used a coupon and had a great two hours on an easy day off.  While ordering our pizza I noticed that Chuck E. Cheese now sells beer?  This is obviously not for the kids.Now, I have no problem with alcohol.  I like a nice drink with dinner (can a pastor admit that?) once in awhile but why would anyone need that at Chuck E. Cheese?  How many people actually drink the beer while they are spending time with their kids?  Would they not go if there was no beer?

On one hand it is nice that the company thought of the parents who have a need to drink all the time, but on the other hand why do people need to drink even when they are with their kids?  Are we saying that the only way some parents can be with their kids is if they are intoxicated?

Or maybe the beer is for the employees.  I know I couldn’t work their without a strong drink.I guess I love my kids more than I love beer?  Maybe that isn’t fair, maybe people who drink at Chuck E. Cheese love their kids more than beer.  If that is the case, then why can’t they be with their kids for more than 10 minutes without a beer?

What if instead of having a beer parents actually spent time with their kids and cared about the things the kids care about for just a little bit of time without the aid of alcohol?  Is it possible that this would make better parents and better kids?  I don’t know, but it is worth a shot.  At least for those few hours our kids will know that nothing else matters, not even beer, to their parents except them.

If you read this and you feel guilty because you drink at Chuck E. Cheese instead of playing with your kids then go hug your kids, tell them you love them more than anything else and then show them that it is true by taking them to Chuck E. Cheese.

If you feel self-righteous because you see those parents and frown upon their actions then stop frowning at their actions and smile at your kids, because while you are busy frowning at other people’s mistakes your kid is doing this:


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