Boundaries, borders, and fences

Recently a NJ pastor condemned his congregation for using Facebook.  This pastor believed that Facebook was the cause of failed marriages. This pastor accused the social network site of destroying marriage and required all church leaders to cancel their account on the site or resign from leadership.  Later this pastor was forced to resign after it became public that he and his wife were having sexual exploits with the church assistant and their spouse.  You can read about this here.

Right now, CNN is reporting that the Westboro Baptist Church is planning to protest Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral.  They seem to believe that Elizabeth Edwards is hated by God.

A quick search of the news shows how many pastors, youth pastors, and church staff have found themselves in situations where they shouldn’t.  It really has little to do with Facebook, their standing with God, or their free time habits.

I think it has everything to do with boundaries.  Christian leaders seem to think they are immune to scandal and that boundaries don’t apply to them.  As a result leaders end up going down a slippery slope until everything comes crashing in on them, and then they act surprised?

Jesus broke a lot of rules but He also knew his boundaries and when He was getting close to his limit..  Jesus was frequently drawing close to God in prayer to remember what his purpose was and what His boundaries were.

Many people get into situations they should not be in around Christmas and afterwards they will attribute the mistake to the amount of stress they were under.

If they weren’t under stress it wouldn’t have happened?  Why do pastors feel stress around Christmas? Jesus did more work on Christmas than we could do and yet He still slept like a baby, why do pastors think their work is more valuable to the church than Jesus’ work?

So then, are you in the midst of a situation you shouldn’t be in?  Get out!  Take the consequences like an adult and pray for forgiveness.

Are you getting close to that edge? Go to God and pray for a renewed vision for God and let God heal your battered soul and bring you close to your Savior.

Are you under so much stress you need to act out just to function?  Take a deep breath and get back to what matters most.


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